My Approach

Whenever I learn something new, I try to find its application with original ideas. In elementary school, I was interested in capillary action. I invented an applicable experimental apparatus with paper and tea, instead of glass tubes or cloths and water. The paper has cuts, and tea rises along each cut when it is soaked. I tested some paper samples in different cut intervals, and found that fine cuts (with many surfaces) can carry tea to a high level. In junior high school, I learned how to solve linear equations. I discovered that the solving process is separated into two independent procedures, transposition and four arithmetic operations. I created useful templates which calculate the solution of equations immediately after I copy the coefficients of equations into each blank of the template. In high school, I studied the equations of motion in physics. I applied the resolution of vectors, which was taught in mathematics, to force vectors. The motion is obtained systematically by solving algebraic equations for each component of force vectors. In university, I practiced the calculation of expectation values in quantum mechanics. I simplified the complicated calculation by the symbolization of creation and annihilation operators. Finally, in graduate school, I constructed coupled map lattices (CMLs) for three interdisciplinary issues, food chains, astronomical patterns, and food textures. The proposed CMLs perform fast computation, which not only reproduces the dynamic behavior of these complex systems, but also predicts a new class of dynamic behavior.

I will keep learning in any fields, and find various applications with original ideas. Persistence will pay off!

On the day I graduated with my Ph.D., under cherry blossoms in full bloom.
Erika Nozawa, Ph.D.
Affiliation Email Address
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Yamagata University
Yonezawa Campus, Faculty of Engineering, Bldg.6 #323
4-3-16 Johnan, Yonezawa, Yamagata 992-8510, Japan
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Academic Qualification and Degrees
March, 2012
: Ueda High School, Nagano, Japan
March, 2016
: B.S. in Physics, Ochanomizu University (Astrophysics Laboratory), Tokyo, Japan
March, 2018
: M.S. in Physics, Ochanomizu University (Professor Tetsuo Deguchi's Laboratory), Tokyo, Japan
March, 2021
: Ph.D. in Physics, Ochanomizu University (Professor Tetsuo Deguchi's Laboratory), Tokyo, Japan
Research Experiences
April, 2020 - March, 2021
: JSPS Research Fellow (DC2), Ochanomizu University
April, 2021 - March, 2022
: JSPS Research Fellow (PD), Ochanomizu University
April, 2022 - August, 2023
: Research Fellow, Faculty of Core Research, Ochanomizu University
September, 2023 - present
: Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Organic Materials Science, Yamagata University
Academic Society
Undergraduate Course $\cdots$ In the 83 subjects I have finished, S (90-100): 38 subjects, A (80-89): 41 subjects.See more details.
Classical Mechanics: S, Analytical Mechanics: A, Advanced Mechanics: A, Electricity and Magnetism I: S, Electricity and Magnetism II: S, Mathematical Methods in Physics I: S, Mathematical Methods in Physics II: S, Mathematical Physics: S, Quantum Mechanics I: A, Quantum Mechanics II: S, Quantum Mechanics III: S, Elementary Physics Experiments: S, Physics Experiments: S, Seminar in Physics: A, Exercise on Mechanics: A, Exercise on Electromagnetism: S, Exercise on Mathematical Methods in Physics: S, Exercise on Quantum Mechanics: A, Exercise on Statistical Mechanics: A, English for Physics: A, First Course in Advanced Calculus I: A, First Course in Linear Algebra: A, Thermal Physics: S, Statistical Mechanics: S, First Course in Advanced Calculus II: A, Space and Earth Science: S, Solid State Physics: A, Physics on Phase Transitions: S, Nuclear Physics: S, Particle Physics: S, Introduction to Material Physics: S, Relativity: S, Astrophysics: A, Physics of Continuous Media: S, Fluid Mechanics: S, Computational Physics (Lecture and Exercise): S, Methods of Experimental Physics: S, Elementary Electronics: S, Quantum Optics: A, Quantum Field Theory: A, Elementary Seminar in Physics: A, Basic radiation and safety management: A, Law I (Japanese Constitution): C, Basic Calculus: A, Basic Linear Algebra: A, Exercises in Information Processing: S, Information Sciences: A, Exercises in Computer Programming 1: S, Basic English I: A, Basic English II: A, Intermediate English: A, English Conversation IV: A, Intermediate German I: A, Basic German (Grammar) I: S, Basic German (Grammar) II: S, Basic German (Seminar) I: S, Basic German (Seminar) II: S, Sports and Health, Practice: A, Sports and Health, Practice: A, Physics of Planet Earth (Life and Environment 6): S, Colors and Sounds by Computers (Color, Sound and Aroma 4): S, Exercises in Computer Languages (Language in the World 26): S, Computer Science for Environmental Science: S, General Chemistry A: S, General Chemistry B: B, General Biology A: S, General Biology B: A, Introduction to Probability: A, Theory of Education (Thought and History): A, Theories of Education (Educational system and Sociological perspective): A, Educational Psychology: B, Educational Curriculums: A, Natural Science Teaching Methodology I: B, Natural Science Teaching Methodology II: A, Studies of Extracurricular activities: A, Educational Methods: A, Principles of Student Guidance: A, School Counseling: A, Preliminary Course for Practice Teaching: A, Scientific English I: S, Introduction to the Teaching Profession: A, Student Teaching (Senior High School): A, Practical Seminar for Teaching Profession: A.
Graduate Course (Master's Program) $\cdots$ In the 15 subjects I have finished, A (80-100): 15 subjects.See more details.
Advanced Lecture on General Science: A, Master's Thesis: A, Advanced Statistical Mechanics: A, Advanced Quantum Physics: A, Topics in Mathematical Physics: A, Seminar on Nonlinear Physics: A, Special Lecture on Physics (Condensed Matter): A, Advanced Physics (Condensed Matter): A, Advanced Soft Matter Physics: A, Academic Writing in English: A, Essential Mathematics for Global Leaders I: A, Advanced Numerical Method: A, Seminar on Numerical Analysis: A, Seminar on Functional Analysis: A, Advanced Topics in Applied Functional Analysis: A.
Graduate Course (Doctoral Program) $\cdots$ In the 6 subjects I have finished, A (80-100): 6 subjects.See more details.
Practice on Analysis of Nonlinear Phenomena: A, Guidance for Doctoral Dissertation: A, Analysis of Nonlinear Phenomena: A, Research Report, basic: A, Academic Presentation in English: A, Research Report, development: A.
Hobbies and Interests
Watching the Stars
Telescope: Kasai 80mm f/6 Triplet ED Apochromat (FPL53)
Binoculars: Kenko UVM 8x25 FMC
Altazimuth Mount: Vixen Mobile Porta
Eyepiece: SWA-20mm/70deg (24x/3deg, 72x/1deg with 3x Barlow)
Astronomical Objects and Phenomena I Have Observed: Total Lunar Eclipse with Uranus Eclipse, The Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, 46P/Wirtanen, C/2022 E3 (ZTF), M1, M3, M4, M8, M20, M31, M33, M35, M36, M37, M38, M44, M45, M46, M47, M51, M57, M58, M79, M81, M82, M101, The Double Cluster, The Hyades, Fireball, Shooting Stars, etc.
Writing Stories
Drawing Pictures
I am good at perspective. I also draw some mascot characters as below.
Mascot Character "Ginga-Chan" and "Whip-Chan".
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